In the midst of writing reviews and my list of best kids’ toys for Holiday giving, I am reminded that speech and language skills can be enhanced in any setting. 

I volunteered to entertain 2 year-old Will while his mom and aunt hit the stores after Thanksgiving day. We had a marvelous time at Banana Republic. I was instructed to “sit down” in front of the jewelry case as he examined all the bracelets, as we described them, tried them on, explored the different openings and slid them back on the manikin’s arm. Then we proceeded to the dressing room where he was thrilled to see himself three times in the full-length mirrors! Naturally he had more fun exploring the toy store before we went to the clothing store but there was still a lot to have fun with. 

During the business of the holidays, don’t forget to take the time to chat with your toddler about what he is seeing and wanting to look at while he is wheeled around in that shopping cart!