Yesterday I treated myself to “Holiday Art Trail” which was a tour of local artists in their galleries. I visited Dalton Ghetti for a second time and was equally amazed at his work. 

Dalton carves sculptures in the graphite at the end of a pencil. To see his work is to be amazed that this man can sculpt an old boot, screw, a chain a hammer and even the letters of the alphabet with just a sewing needle and a razor blade! Gifted with amazing calm and eyesight, he doesn’t use a magnifying glass and told us about controling his breathing to sculpt in rhythm with his heartbeats.

One of his most fascinating works is 26 ordinary, well-used pencils lined up with the letters of the alphabet carved into the end of each pencil. Check out this NY Times article that talks about the 2 1/2 years it took him to complete this project. He sells postcards of the alphabet which would be a great picure for a child’s room. Unfortunately I can’t give you a website because Dalton told me he doesn’t use a computer!