I just had to share some funny things that happened to me yesterday. Kids are funnier than any comedians on TV in my book!

I was talking to Emma while she was generating ideas for her fiction story in writing class. Her king’s castle was going to burn down. We got started talking about ashes and she said “What are ashes?” I thought I had a pretty good answer when I said, “They are what is left when you burn wood.” To that she replied, “Well when Grandma Sally died, we got her ashes and they are above the fireplace!” 

Then I went to a second grade class that was brainstorming character traits of the main character in their read-aloud. They suggested adventurous, smart, resourceful, daring, tricky and then Margaret called out “predicious.” After asking her to repeat the word several times, the teacher and I finally realized she had coined a new word for “good at predicting!”