Playmobil little people, pirates, knights, soldiersCall me crazy but I find the obituaries in the New York Times each weekend fascinating. There is a special story behind the people who shape our world.

Friday’s paper included the obituary of Hans Beck, the designer of the little Playmobil figures. My kids and I have spent countless hours creating stories around the pirates, policemen, Indians, soldiers, life guards and knights. These little people and their minute accessories provide the start for every child’s imagination.

Mr.Beck was the original designer of these captivating figures. According to the article, Beck was originally a cabinet maker and was “hired as a toy maker after showing executives there the model airplaines he had designed.” In the early 70’s when the company was having some financial challenges, its owner asked Mr. Beck to design a line of toy buildings and vehicles that little figures could fit into. Mr. Beck decided to design the figures first and the rest is history!

Think of all the children he has entertained and imaginations he has sparked with his legacy of little people. Thank you Mr. Beck.