When I work with preschoolers, I always use toys and great books. Recently, I came upon A Frog in the Bog by Karma Wilson (the author of the fun series “A Bear Snores On.”) This is a clever story of a frog who sits on a log in the bog and eats ticks, fleas, flies and slugs as his belly grows. The precious illustrations (who can make a slug look charming?) by Joan Rankin, add a wonderful dimension to the story. The drawings of the gang inside the frog’s belly are hilarious.

I am using this book with preschoolers who have speech goals to include age-appropriate final sounds in words. What a wonderful opportunity to practice final “K” and “G” with the rhyming lines ending in frog, log and bog or tick and stick. Use the story as a counting lesson as the bugs and slugs are swallowed and counted in his belly and all escape at the end.

What books do you use in speech therapy with preschoolers to emphasize early sounds in words? Let me know in the comments below.