I find the easiest way to motivate kids working on sounds is to have a cache of fun, motivating games to play with them. Have them say several sounds, words or phrases before a turn and then make a move in the game.

Games need to have simple, discrete actions each turn, that take a short time so you can get back to work! Today I discovered another simple but challenging game to use for this type of therapy, Snap by Gamewright.

There are several levels but I have used it at the most elementary one with 4-6 year-olds. It is a puzzle game, where each player gets an equal number of puzzle pieces and takes turns “playing” their piece by snapping it into the collaborative puzzle. The rectangular pieces have two opportunities for a match on each side and one on each end. If you connect more than one part of a piece you have a double or triple snap and can get an extra turn. With interlocking pieces connecting red, yellow and green dragons, this game provides just enough interest for kids to keep working for that next turn. It works best with children who enjoy puzzles and aren’t challenged with visual motor issues.