alliteration poem, child's poetrySince this is national poetry month, many classes are learning about and writing different kinds of poetry. Today, in class,  we learned about alliteration, went around the circle using alliteration with our name–“Shy Sherry, not true, Wiggly William, and Nice Nancy.  Anyways the kids really got into it and started to giggle over a few of them. Next, the clever teacher assigned a number to each child. They had to write a poem using alliteration with the beginning sound of their number and the theme was dinosauers.  Luckily the child I work with and I were assigned “two” because it is relatively easy to think of “t” words compared to “e” words for eleven (although an elephant could open an envelope or use an etch-a-sketch!)

Here’s her wonderful poem with a dinosauer theme:

10 tiny dinosaurs

touching toes

and talking on the telephone, tracing pictures and doodling.

As an added touch, the kids traced one of several dinosauer shapes, cut them out and wrote their poems on the shape. String them together and you have a lively decoration for your room!