Baby Newborn ToysLamaze Play and Grow Logan the Lion’s big eyed face attracts newborns and invites conversation. His ribboned mane, different textures, slippery ribbons, shiny nose, fuzzy cheeks, bumpy rings, smooth tummy, star with ridges and bumps, and crinkly feet provide lots of textures to talk about. With a head as a rattle, crinkly feet, and clanging rings, this zoo attraction will stimulate the senses with its sounds. Check out the contrasting patterns and colors to draw attention to this friend and provide lots to describe.

Manhattan Toy’s Put and Peek Birdhouse is a favorite of mine. What child wouldn’t like a portable playhouse for birds with a handle for safe travel? The many openings to put birds through, in, out, and doors to open and shut, provide the language of position and prepositions. Each little bird is distinct and can be described by its contrasting colors, size and shape. Little hands can easily grip these birds to start the fun.

Alex Jr. Round the Farm is a friendly four-sided ball with plenty of plush for a toddler’s grip. Each side sports the face of a different animal–cat, frog, pig and dog. Four faces combine contrasting patterns, textures and colors to entertain baby and invite exploration. Fuzzy protrusions, for ears, tails, or feet, are easy to grab to rotate the ball to meet a new barnyard friend. A little squeeze on the ear brings on a ribbit, meow, oink or woof, corresponding to the animal’s face. Babies love a squishy ball that they can easily grab, roll or manipulate to hear sounds, feel textures, see faces, or stick their finger in a fuzzy hole. An inherent preference for faces drives baby’s curiosity to explore, and eventually “speak” to a face on this delightful ball of fun.

Baby Cakes is a wonderfully rhythmic, bouncy tale about ones love for their baby, as a toddler expresses his love for his teddy bear. Providing plenty of opportunity to add gestures to the story, this book encourages bouncing on the lap, clapping, playing peek-a-boo, laughing, singing and hugging.

Taggies Big Soft Blocks are for grabbing, turning, tasting and exploring. From a shiny sunshine to a woolly sheep, each object combines a variety of shapes, textures and colors to invite a child to play. Plastic rings allow one to clip them together so they can tag along on a trip or a diaper bag.

Manhattan Toy Dress Up Princess is ready to play pretend beginning at 18 months. Practice with the buttons, snaps, zippers and ties or leave the dress up for later and have a pretend picnic, outing or school lesson with this new pal.