Apraxia books, materialsMany speech delayed children have apraxia of speech or apraxic-like characteristics: inability to consistently repeat speech models, difficulty with the motor programming for speech,

In my work with preschoolers who have these characteristics, I have found several materials valuable, one of which are the Speech-Language-Reading Connection Books pictured on the left. Each book features a consonant, vowel, or vowel-consonant combination that is highlighted and repeated throughout the simple silly story. These goofy tales appeal to kids. In Bunny Bop, the bunny “bippity bop, bop. bops” to various bushes–a berry bush, banana bush, green bean bush and even a bagel bush. Today, my little student who is finally repeating single words, attempted “bippety bop bop” with several syllables. Another favorite is Hanna Hippo who laughs with a “ha ha ha,” “hee hee hee,” and a “ho ho ho.” Timmy the Turtle is too slow for the race and lamented “Tut, tut, tut,” he’s too slow. A wizard showed up to fix Timmy’s feet until he had “magic feet” that could not be beat.

Let me know what materials you find helpful in working with kids who exhibit apraxic-like characteristics.