We all know the power of television and the controversy over what effect it has on learning in preschoolers.

I was at the home of a 2 1/2 year old who is rapidly building his language skills and becoming age appropriate. He is adding words to his little 2-3 words phrases and showing understanding of what is going on around him.

Mom reported that James likes to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Disney channel. On the show, “Toodles” helps with problems solving. When the characters encounter a problem they say, “What would Toodles do?” and give options for the child to respond to  with a no or yes. When James’ light wouldn’t go on he said to mom,” Oh no! What we do? Toodles.”  What a wonderful link he made from the show’s concept of problem solving to his real life.

I guess TV isn’t that bad afterall.