The Stuttering Foundation of America has provided a list of “Myths about Stuttering” that is so relevant for International Stuttering Awareness Day on October 22. It includes  myths which are not true such as:

  • People who stutter are not smart
  • Nervousness causes stuttering
  • Stuttering can be “caught.”
  • It helps to tell a stutterer to “take a deep breath” before speaking
  • Stress causes stuttering
If you go to their website at, you can download the PDF file with the myths and explanations to set the facts straight.
I was recently reminded of the cloud of misconception around stuttering when I was at a dinner party and a person heard that I was a speech therapist. They launched into many questions about what causes stuttering which lead to clearing up some misconceptions.
If we all take on a little bit of the responsibility to educate the public about stuttering, there will be fewer “myths” being circulated about this speech issue.