This past week, the The New York Times reported that William Clark, co-founder of the company that produced “Baby Einstein” videos, has asked a judge to  release information from the University of Washington studies that showed the negative influence of TV viewing on young children. Clark is asking for the raw data and analytical methods used in the studies since “other research studies have not shown the same outcomes.

Clark and his wife started the company the produced the Baby Einstein videos but no longer have a financial stake in the company, after selling it to Disney in 2001. Last October, Disney offered refunds for those who bought the DVD’s, due to the “threat of a class-action lawsuit due to unfair and deceptive marketing suggesting that the videos boosted baby brain power.

According to the article, “the Clarks said they went to court to protect their legacy.”

What are your thoughts on the Baby Einstein videos? Did you see learning occur with your child? Did you even show them to your baby? I know what the research says but I also know what some parents have told me. This is a hot topic. One of the top viewed blogs of last year concerned the topic of Baby Einstein videos on the Wall Street Journal’s blog, Juggle.

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