Bob McGrath from Sesame StreetWhen I was at the Toy Fair last week, I was walking the aisles and noticed a crowd gathering around a man. Of course I had to see who this celebrity was, and there was Bob McGrath, the familiar performer on Sesame Street since the 60’s, signing copies of his “Sing Along With Bob” CD’s for fans.

He graciously posed for a picture with me as I reminisced about collapsing on the couch with my three preschoolers at 4 PM to watch Sesame Street. His recognizable, friendly smile and approachable personality came right through as we chatted about kids and all the media opportunities they have at their disposal these days.

Bob autographed a copy of “Sing Along with Bob #2” and I went on my way. Today, it was quiet, so I decided to put in Bob’s CD and I went right down memory lane with him! I’m not sure who I will send the first copy to–Great Grandmother who used to sing “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt” to my brother and me and end up in fits of laughter or to my preschool gang. “Boom Boom Ain’t It Great to Be Crazy” took me back to overnight camp memories as we used to wail out that song, resonating in the dining hall, stamping our feet to the “booms.” “The Muffin Man” gave me my first nickname, “Muff” because I loved to dance to the beat.

With thirty four short songs, sung in Bob’s clear, inviting voice, this CD should be in every preschool and therapist’s cache of activities. From “Let Everyone Clap Like Me” to “The Hokey Pokey,” there are many interactive songs that teach listening, following directions and imitating. Little ones will get moving and giggle while “shaking out their sillies” and “jumping out their jiggles.” Parents and grandparents will enjoy the intergenerational experience of sharing songs loved over the years.

Thanks, Bob, for the memories!

“Sing Along with Bob #2” was provided by Bob’s Kids Music. The opinions expressed in this review are solely those of the author.