Baby PInkie Pie is up from her nap and ready for some adventure. Snap her into her car seat and start the pink-hearted purple wheels rolling. Mom can’t leave without her coffee mug and brush, while a grocery bag and snack box provide story starters for the day. Girls went shopping, had a snack, planned a picnic and touched up their hair, when playing with this gang. If you want to add some punch to your pretend play, turn over the hollow grocery bag and snack box accessories and pack some Play-doh treats. We made sandwiches, apples and juice. The easy snap-on accessories provide flexibility in story telling as Mom and Pinkie Pie experience their day. What mom wouldn’t like four appendages to carry her equipment for a day out with her baby?

“My Little Pony Convertible” is part of the brand’s introduction of family play, featuring the adorable ponies accompanied by their loving mothers and siblings. Moms often ask me what toys offer families of animals for pretend play, since their child isn’t as interested in the miniature people. Now we have families of fun in ponyville.

Take note that your preschooler might need a stronger helper to snap baby in her carseat and into the car.

Sherry Artemenko, MA-CCC, is a speech-language pathologist with more than 35 years experience and founder of The opinions expressed in this review are solely those of the author. “My LIttle Pony Convertible” was provided for review by Playskool.