One thing I like about my job is that no two days are the same! Yesterday, I had a first. I got a message on my phone as I was going to Reagan’s house for speech therapy. Their house is on the market and a realtor had called to make an appointment to show the house during our speech time. Would I mind meeting the family at McDonalds for therapy? Sure.

I arrived and my little friends were waiting. I brought lots of games and toys for Reagan and a bag of dinosaurs for her 2 year-old brother (who would really rather play with us). At first Reagan was a little self-conscious but I told her to look around. I pointed out that it was a bunch of grandmas and grandpas in there with us and they probably really enjoyed seeing her.

We got chocolate milks for the kids and a vanilla shake for me and we were on our way. The session went very well and I would recommend McDonalds to anyone in a bind for a place to play with your clients.

Mom graciously took a picture with the golden arches behind us to mark the event!