home grown tomatoesIt has been a wonderful summer of new experiences in speech therapy. I have had sessions at McDonalds, The Chinese Restaurant (mom forgot therapy and when I called she invited me to lunch), and the swimming pool at a local club. Being flexible always helps. Then there are the experiences that occur at the homes where I deliver services. Part of the fun of doing itinerant speech therapy is that I get to know the families with whom I work. I’ve been one of the first to know when a mom finds out she is pregnant, been asked decorating advice, to give my opinion on what dress mom should wear to an event, and been treated to many fun coffee and bakery treats.

This past week I went to a home for the first time to meet a new family. They were delightful and as I walked through their yard to find my new client riding scooters and bikes, I went past their organic vegetable garden–that was just before I encountered the turkeys and chickens! After my session I felt like Mary Poppins carrying bags of yummy ripe tomatoes and even a jar of home made relish offered by one of the siblings. Lucky me–I get to meet some of the nicest people in my work.  By the way, does anyone have a good recipe for tomato sauce?