Atlantic bookAre you doing a lesson on figurative language? Here is a terrific book to use in Speech Therapy, the classroom or just enjoy reading it to your child. “Atlantic” by G. Brian Karas, is beautifully written and illustrated with clever collage drawings, talking about the Atlantic Ocean as it “bumps into Africa,” and “rubs shoulders with North America,” and it’s fingers stretching to bays and inlets, “gulfs, seas, sounds and channels.” Filled with descriptive water vocabulary, this book depicts an ocean like a fascinating friend, “heaving, raging, lying still, scraping away at some land.” There are endless opportunities to teach a language impaired child to think abstractly and infer from the language.

  • How can the Atlantic’s “fingers stretch out?”
  • Why are the Pacific and Indian oceans relatives?
  • How does an iceberg become water lapping on your toes at the beach?
  • Explain how the sun and moon affect the Atlantic.
  • How does the Atlantic’s shape change?
  • How are dolphins and airplanes compared?
  • What does it mean, “Sand and pebbles rattle and chatter a chorus?”
  • How do words “crash and whisper in your ear” from a shell?