If you want a peek into the mind of a 12 year-old child with Aspergers, listen to this spontaneous, precious interview where son Joshua, interviews his mother. Apparently he came upon a StoryCorps Booth ( the oral story project collecting stories around the country, as friends and family interview each other in mobile recording booths), created his own questions rather than the prepared ones, and proceeded to interview his mother. He managed to ask about “Have you ever felt that life was hopeless?” and “Have you met the expectations you had for me when I was born?”

If you are struck by the depth and honesty of Joshua’s questions, you will be equally amazed at the poised and honest responses from his mother. Yes, she did feel depressed when she was a teenager, but went on to reassure him that it’s common for teenagers to feel that way, especially if they “think a lot” and are “perceptive,” which Joshua recognizes, “Like me.” And as for her expectations of what he would be like as a son, she shared that she had to change her thinking and “think outside the box,” but the overall gain from having him as a son was tremendous as it forced her to grow as a parent.

What an incredible example of a flowing, conversation of well thought out questions and wonderfully formulated answers that speak to her child’s amazing being and who he is with Aspergers. Honest but reassuring, this mom is a great example of using all the gifts of language to speak to her child’s head and heart.