What fun to have a job where I can be a kid and play with toys! As I was introduced to so many fantastic new toys for kids, certain other products kids backpacks, playonwords.comcaught me eye that I wanted to share with you:

  • Mad Pax: stood out as a funky, fun backpack that kids will love. The spiky packs combine thoughts of  a dinosaur meeting a horned armadillo. Somehow it makes sense when you hear that the creative team behind the Mad Pax comes from the desert of Arizona. I spotted two adults wearing the backpacks at the show and I was overcome with jealousy–how did they get one? Oh, it turns out they do PR for the company. I was hoping for that lime green one. I may need that to carry my toys around. Madpax.com
  • Ugly Dolls Cookie Jar: Some products just make me smile, long after I see them. Ugly Dolls cookie jars did just that. I know they are a winner because I realized they would be the perfect gift for my hard-to-find-a-gift-for  thirty something son. He’s a minimalist who just redid his kitchen and thought the blue one eating a cookie would be perfect. Not easy to please that guy. Uglydolls.com
  • Scrunch Bucket by International Playthings: These pliable buckets are perfect for jamming into Mom’s beach bag to hand out to the kids for collecting treasures. Everybody can get their own. Intplay.com
  • Protective Holder for your iPod: Fisher Price introduced a kid sturdy holder for Mom or Dad’s iPod that even preschoolers can grab with textured handles for better gripping. We all know that the iPad and iPhone are fast becoming our little kids’ favorite toys so lets make it safe for our gadgets so they will be alive when we want to use them ourselves . Fisher-price.com