The newest baby toy to receive a PAL Award is “Rub-A-Cub Peek-A-Boo Blanket by Taggies. How can a blanket possibly be this soft? Here is my review:

The best baby toys teach through play and provide many opportunities for parents to describe features and actions of the toy while their baby explores it. Rub a Cub Peek-A-Boo Blanket has just the right ingredients for language learning, bonding and realizing that people exist, even when out of sight. Our bear cub blanket can play a game of peek-a-boo in several ways, varying the play and keeping baby interested. Cover your face in the traditional game and uncover with a surprise “I’m still here” exclamation of peek-a-boo, ¬†flop the bear’s head down and pop it up for surprise, or show your baby the bear’s back and turn the blanket around to reveal his face with a joyful peek-a-boo. Teaching that Mom or Dad is coming back, even if out of sight, is an important lesson for your baby. As your baby explores the textures, colorful images and varied taggies, describe what she is looking at–three yellow ducks swimming in a row, bees flying over a honey pot. or a giraffe and hippo on a yellow checkerboard. Your descriptions and use of a variety of vocabulary words helps build your child’s language. Kids found this incredibly soft blanket just plain fun for cuddling and taking a taste.

The above is solely the opinion of the author. “Rub-A-Cub Peek-A-Boo Blanket” was provided for review by Taggies.