Ten-month-old Zoe has reported in on one of her favorite books(via Mom), “Zoe and Her Zebra” by Claire Beaton. It probably helps that she shares a name with the lead character in the book. Zoe observed that the rhythm and rhyme of Zoe’s adventures with her zebra really encourage Mom to emphasize the letters loud and clear for her to listen and learn. Every page includes the upper and lower case letter, used at the beginning of a child’s name and the creature chasing her. The unusual children’s names as well as those of the animals pictured with them, add an enriching ethnicity to the story. This Barefoot Board Book captures the adventure with Beaton’s signature illustrations, using felt cut-outs with braid, buttons and beads that kids want to reach out and touch. Zoe noted that her mom really likes the book, which is important since she is the one who is requested to read it over and over!