August is a big vacation month so let’s talk about how to keep the language learning going. When I go on vacation, I am constantly learning new and unique information about the area that I am visiting. On our recent drive from Connecticut to Wisconsin, I am learn so much just observing the farms–how they are irrigated, planted and harvested. On this past trip we had a crop-duster plane swoop down right next to us on the highway and spray the fields. It was fascinating!

Several of my clients take several weeks off in August so I give the parents suggestions to carry on with my goals. A favorite idea is for the kids to keep a journal of their vacation–draw pictures or add photographs to their entires about what they did and learned that day. Have a discussion about their take on the day and share your favorite activities too.

When I was little our family took two big road trips west from Wisconsin and I collected postcards for my scrapbook. I made for great memories and of course a wonderful language learning exercise. Recently one of my moms showed me the scrapbook her 4 year-old had made from his trip to Washington DC with captions added by mom. He loved his little book and kept “reading” it to me.