I’m announcing a great give-away of games from The Wonder Forge beginning with their PAL Award Winner, “Konexi,” the gravity defying word game. Fun for ages 10 and up, Konexi challenges players to construct a tower of letters every which way, building words to score points. Great for family game night, speech therapy or classroom play.

To win, add a comment below telling me why word games are so much fun. What makes you good at them? What skills are reinforced? A winner will be chosen at random on this Thursday, 9/15/11.  In order to be eligible, you must live in the United States. To earn extra entries, you can do the following:

  • leave multiple comments below
  • Tweet using the tweet button on my homepage and leave a comment that you did
  • Fans of my Playonwords Facebook page get an additional entry. If you are already a part of it, let me know in a comment below.

Here is my review:

Challenging games drive conversation. Konexi, the gravity-defying word game is just that. Place the 3D letters in a circle, roll the die and land between two letters to make your selection. Players build the letter tower, linking the notched letters one at a time, without a fall. Letters don’t need to be in order to form a word and score points. Thinking backwards and sideways causes players to dig deep in their sound and letter bank to be the first to score the most and longest words. Add a tippy tower to your thinking and you must balance fine motor ability with brain agility.

Konexi was provided by The Wonder Forge.