A flash is literally all the time you get to create words with four or more letters with FLASHWORDZ. Players get a fun,  rounded rack to display their two- sided letter cards so there is no peeking! With a different letter displayed on each side of the card, there is a little mystery to this task.  The word-maker has to use one or more inward facing letters on his rack with at least one outward facing letter from only one other player. Racing against the timer, the word-maker shouts out his word before the time is up. If he runs out of time, it’s a free-for-all Flash Round, as other players race to form a word. Clever opponents are working on their words while the word- maker is forming his, hoping for a chance to jump in.  Play until the letters run out and then add up the value of your letters you won. Quick thinking is required as you have to start putting words together and choosing which opponents’ letters to use quickly. You may have to adjust the time according to the age child who is playing this–perhaps turn over the timer twice for younger participants. I found myself in the slower category so I very slowly put up my new letter cards before my round so I could get a head start! Great for reading skills.

The opinions above are those of the author. FLASHWORDZ  was provided for review by U.S. Games Inc.