I know everyone is gearing up in their speech therapy session for Halloween. Kids seem to love this holiday and I know a few of my peers who go overboard too! I wanted to share a new book that is just creepy and clever enough to capture the attention of early elementary aged kids and their teachers.

“Hallowilloween, Nefarious Silliness” by Calef Brown would be a perfect fall book to incorporate into a poetry lesson. Each page is devoted to a Halloween character–“The Poltergeyser,” a ghostly fountain at a certain national park, “The Vumpire,” who only works night games, or “Scarecrow’s Epitaph” who provides advice not to scratch and itch with a kitchen match, all in hilarious rhyme. On of my favorites is “Not Frankenstein,” who pontificates about being Frankensteinesque (try to spell check that!), sitting at a desk, in a mountain lodge, doing decoupage. The reader is constantly entertained and surprised by Brown’s choice of words to keep the rhyme going in a wacky way–just what kids love.

A perfect introduction to writing your own Halloween poetry, this book will be a top teacher’s choice.