Although I work primarily with younger children, I do have some clients in middle school and friends with high school children with special needs. The topic comes up about college an their trepidation about where their child will fit and get the help they need to be successul the next step in their schooling.

This morning I ran across this article, “20 Incredible Colleges for Special Needs Students,” that lists some fo the colleges that provide programs for students with special needs, from learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, OCD, and Downs syndrome, to name a few. They provide specialized programs to assist academically as well as socially as they are sensitive to the challenges some students have in this transition due to their disabilities.

I was pleased to see the University of Iowa, a great midwest school, who provides the REACH program that not only supports the students academically, but socially as they make the transition to college. Students in the program live in designated dorms for the first two years. Other schools tailor their programs to specific disabilities so take a look and see what might be a fit for your child or pass it on to a friend who is struggling with the college hunt with their child with special needs.

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