Step up to the next level of game playing as you enter the world of Gubs, paying careful attention to the characters, tools, hazards, traps, events and protection needed to build your colony of these treasured creatures. Don’t think you can start playing this game without studying the directions–take time to enjoy getting to know the Gub world, learning the cards’ uses and what negates their powers. Players need to study the intricacies of play–like reading a fairy tale–learning how to maneuver through the Gub world. Mushrooms, Toad Riders and Velvet Moths protect Gubs as a Barricade while Rings and Sud Spouts trap the Gubs until they are destroyed. Language skills are tapped as players discuss the background of each card, think critically as to plan strategy, call out moves and remember the specific uses of each card to play at the most opportune time. Be the  player with the most Free or ProtectedGubs in play at the end of the game and you are the winner!

The above opinions are solely those of the author. Gubs was provided for review by Gamewright.