Grab your weapons of choice–a rope, gun, or sword as you make your way into the treasure temple to steal the shiny,  crystal treasures. The trick is to get past the evil guards in removable disguise, avoid the stake barrier that pops up, falling rocks and drop pit, designed for your capture. This Indiana Jones-style narrative was familiar to young children as they invented their own stories of adventure, overcoming the obstacles. The beauty of Playmobil is its independence from one set narrative, providing open-ended play with a starting theme. Kids reinvented their story each time, imagining a different fate for the explorers, guards, animals and crystals. The structure became a jungle ruin, extinct volcano, and treasure headquarters, all in a day of play. How did the creepy looking guards get there? What are they trying to look like in those disguises? What is the treasure worth? Creative play that builds language skills, keeps generating new direction to a story, expanding thinking and fun!

The above is solely the opinion of the author. Playmobil provided this product for review.