By Katie Kelley, Speech Language Pathologist

Language Builder is another wonderful app put out by Mobile Education Tools, the same developers who created Story Builder and Conversation Builder.  Like Conversation Builder, this app uses real photos and pictures are taken in a variety of settings providing ample opportunities for vocabulary building.  It offers 3 levels of scaffolding, fill-in-the-blank, cloze procedure (The boy_____), no written prompt.  As with many of these apps, you are able to record and email responses.  This app can be used to target a variety of grammatical structures (verb tenses, pronouns, plurals, etc.) and language concepts (complex sentences, prepositions, synonyms, etc.).  I also use this app to work on recalling sentences for auditory processing difficulties.


  • Offers 3 levels of support so it can be used with a wide range of students.
  • Real life pictures are great for students with autism (identifying facial expressions, predictions).
  • Easily modified to target a variety of specific language objectives.
  • Voice recording feature allows you to play back correct responses for the purpose of modeling and reinforcing.
  • Email feature allows therapists and parents to easily save samples/data.


  • A bit expensive at ($7.99) with additional picture packs costing ($1.99 ea.)
  • I find it hard to keep students engaged beyond 10 or 15 minutes when using this app.


Last year Katie received a grant to purchase an iPad for use with students with speech, language and social communication delays.  Outcomes have shown that when using the iPad students show not only a significant increase in their attention and engagement during therapy but also demonstrate measurable increases in their progress towards language and social communication goals.  She currently reviews iPad apps and offers tips on how to use those apps to maximize language development with kids with communication disorders at