I really love all the kids I work with but admittedly some take a little more energy than others! I had a long day on Thursday and was pacing myself since my last appointment was with a second grader working on the /s/ sound who is quite active. Once when I was working with him, he was moving so much, he stood up on two chairs, one foot on each. I calmly told him to sit down because it wasn’t safe.

Anyways, he was too cute when I arrived last week. I brought in my bag of games and iPad for fun and he rounded the corner carrying a laptop computer. He said his brother had given him his old computer and he thought we could look up speech games on it! We searched speech therapy games and got on a site that directed us by sound and type of game. Since he is at the carryover stage of /s/ production, the match and word search games were great because he commented so much while trying to find the right answers. Here is where we were for Speech Therapy Ideas and Activities–not terribly sophisticated but my little guy was thrilled to have found them himself.

8 year-old Pippa was always armed with several activities when I arrived to work on /r/. She had her spelling sentences to practice, oral poems or reports.

It’s really nice when your students become your assistants, planning therapy for you:)