Here’s a terrific new book with all the elements for teaching language and emergent literacy skills. I’ve used this book repeatedly in speech therapy sessions for sequencing, re-tell, rhyming and description.  Here is my review:

I love when I find a new picture book that combines essential elements for learning–repetition of catchy phrases, bold words to repeat and a delightful rhythm of rhyme. “Huck Runs Amuck!” does just that as kids laugh their way through a silly mountain goat’s quest to eat flowers. Cardboard boxes, woolly gloves and birds’ nests are boring to his taste. He’d much rather scramble to the top of a steep cliff, grab Mrs. Tuppleton’s flowery underpants off the clothesline, snatch a bouquet or interrupt a wedding party for Mrs. Spooner’s Hat! When his selfish search was misinterpreted as a rescue, Huck had a decision to make. A great read-aloud, this book has kids rocking to the rhythm, “He’s up on the bridge without hesitation. He’s a clickety-clackety climbing sensation!” Peter Reynolds’ expressive illustrations provide lots of clues for kids to tell the story too.