Do you want a new game for speech therapy that’s literally “out of sight?” “Blind Spell” is a fun way to reinforce spelling, teach vocabulary, and use all your fingers to spell. We had a lot of laughs and talk about strategy as kids quickly learned how to trick each other and make the game more challenging. Turn a Z on its side and try to distinguish it from an N! Here is my review:

Kids loved to take up the challenge to spell a 3 letter-word without seeing it. One player selects a word from the list and writes it on a dry erase board for the speller to clearly see before putting on those cool shades, blocking his view. The player who chose the word, gathers the cardboard letters for the word but adds 1-5 extras, depending on the level and complexity of play. Placing the letters in the speller’s hand, he starts the 30 minute timer to see if his friend can correctly spell the word.  It didn’t take kids long to figure out that choosing words with similar shaped letters (MAN, NOW) as well as adding letters similar to those in the target word added to the difficulty of the task. “Blind Spell” is a whole lot more fun than a spelling test, and teaches kids through multi-sensory tasks as they see, remember and feel the word. Who knew spelling could be so much fun out of sight?

Ages: 7 and up

The above opinions are solely those of the author. Blind Spell was given for review by MindWare.