Some days I am a tasty treat of smells when I come home to my golden retriever, Duke. He sniffs me and my bag with delight because I have seen so many dogs in a day!
Thankfully all of them are friendly and have gotten quite used to me but one of my favorites is Roscoe. He jumps with delight when I come to the door (often requiring his owner to put him in his crate for a while) but usually he settles down near my feet as I work with his little owner.

Last week I brought the new lego Duplo “Creative Cakes” to play with a 5 year-old girl working on /s/. She made many wonderful treats, chocolates, birthday cakes with candles and swirly frosted cupcakes. After each creation she was so proud that she ran off to find Roscoe and show him her treats. I had to take a picture because Roscoe looked just as happy with the plastic bakery items as she was! He was the best reinforcement she could have after she worked on her sound and cupcakes.

Creative Cupcakes was provided for review by lego.