I recently took a new book out of the library to use for speech language therapy sessions and realized it was perfect for teaching comparisons and book-to-book connections. Jam and Honey by Melita Morales is actually two books under one cover. It is the parallel stories of a girl searching for berries to make jam and a bee searching for nectar to make honey. The first half of the book is entitled, “The Girl” while the second half is “The Bee.” Told through rhyme, the story chronicles the girl’s trip to the park to pick berries until she is frightened by a bee. Her mother wisely tells her to hold still and the bee with fly away. She finishes her chore and skips home to make her jam. In the second story, the bee flies to the flower vines in the park to collect nectar and encounters the little girl, who of course, frightens her! The bee’s mom advises her to fly high, and the people will move away. She successfully collects her nectar and flies home to her hive to make honey. Laura J. Bryant’s cheerful drawings show the subtle path of the bee, circling through the illustrations, giving listeners some fun as they trace the bee’s route.