This is my first review of an app by Mobile Education Store and I’m “apply” impressed!  Kids liked this app so much with its clever engaging cartoon illustrations that I was able to use it to teach and reinforce prepositions as well as to answer wh-questions and carryover articulation skills. First, here is how to play:

Choose from one of the nine modules to work on three related prepositions such as behind-between-beside or toward-around-through. Drag the correct preposition under the illustration to the blank, completing the sentence–“The bear is between the trees.”One of my favorite features of this app is when an incorrect preposition is chosen, a picture illustrating the wrong preposition pops up on the screen and the narrator describes it and says, “Let’s try again. Double learning can take place with correct and incorrect answers. Some kids actually started to intentionally give the wrong answer so they could see that illustration! After each response, the student has the opportunity to record the correct sentence, re-play their recording and save it, with data collection capabilities. The 300 cartoon illustrations have plenty to talk about with an alligator licking his chops behind the boats waiting for their catch,  an airplane flying toward a rain cloud saying, “Cool! I need a bath!” or a bear sitting beside the tree with his morning coffee reading the newspaper propped on a tree stump! When you successfully complete a section, you get to watch a cute animation to complete a story like a little pirate fishing and  pulling up a hammerhead shark which literally has the end of a hammer on his head!

As I mentioned, this app has such interesting and engaging cartoons with some depth of meaning, that I used them for other speech and language goals as well. A 10 year-old boy who was working on /r/ and /s/ in sentences loved the fill-in sentences and worked for an hour at his sounds. I also used it with kids to work on inference and answer wh-questions like why is the dog chasing the cat? or why would the boy throw his toys toward his room?

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Preposition Builder was provided for review by Mobile Education Store