Are you looking for a great stocking stuffer for the holidays that kids will love? You know the kind of gift they open and then disappear for a few hours, entertaining themselves? Or a gift for your students, or something for yourself to make speech therapy a little more fun? Try BrickStix and Mod Stix by BrickStix LLC. Never mind that it was invented by a 12 year-old boy who knew what he was doing!

Brick Stix are reusable, removable and restickable cling decals for plastic bricks like LEGOS and MEGA BLOCKS. Kids can build blocks and build their story at the same time, changing the story line as they add detail with the stix. Kids loved the Home and Pets themed packs, setting the table with a sub sandwich, silverware and pizza while dressing up the kitchen with a microwave, stove and “Home Sweet Home” sign. Here is my full review:

Set these re-usable, removable and restickable cling Brickstix decals out on the table with some LEGOS and watch kids dive in and create! One family of 3 girls, ages 4, 6 and 8 opened the “Pet” pack and got to work, pressing and rubbing their decals in place, arranging shelves for toys, a measuring tape to record the pet’s height, and treats (placed high so only the adults could give them out!). The set has re-usable stickers for several related themes within this pack–a visit to the vet, hospital, pet store or groomer. Two duplicate sheets are included per theme with 84 stix so kids can play together, creating their story. Parents loved these, “We can re-invent old LEGOS!” Available in 9 themes from Metro, Transport and Space to Shops, Pets and Home, the stix in each pack can take the story in many directions within a subject. Kids engage in flexible story-telling, sparked by the these reusable stix, adding a sign announcing, Today’s Specials Fish Tacos Mac & Cheese,  Airport, Cinema or Danger! in the latest pack of Signs. There is no limit to language learning as kids take their story in any direction with the permission to change their mind, move the stix and continue on.

BrickStix’ sibling, Mod Stix are similar in that they are reusable but they have a special adhesive that makes them a bit more sticky. Also available in terrific themes for story telling, these stix encourage creativity and language learning. Here is my full review:

Once I opened Mod Packs, all hands were on deck, as kids peeled off the removable and repositionable stickers to add to their LEGOS (they work on other brands like MEGA BLOKS too), adding  detail to their stories. Our girl testers created knights, wizards, Robin Hood, cowboys and princesses with the many chest stickers for front and back figures in the Medieval set. Moms loved these too, “You really get a bang for your buck!” The special adhesive has enough stick to hold on to the blocks but not leave “ick on the brick.” Kids loved the Comics theme with plenty of cartoon bubbles for customizing dialogue or a Bam! and and Zap! to add emphasis. Five themes from Comics, Medieval and Special Forces to WWII and Zombies provide impetus for hundreds of stories where details can change as fast as a sticker is stuck! Generating stories contributes to later writing skills as kids practice the art of story telling.

BickStix and Mod Packs were provided by BrickStix LLC for this review.