LInguisystems CEU courseIf you’re like me, you get caught up in doing therapy, maybe keeping up with your blog, learning the latest apps and oops! You forget about the ASHA requirement to partake in 30 hours of continuing education every 3 years to maintain your certification. I usually enjoy the courses when I attend them and have highlighted some of my favorites here. My latest course was not only excellent but also FREE!

I just completed “Communication Milestones,” a new, free course from Linguisystems. It took me longer to master the material in the .15 CEU course but that was because they covered so many relevant topics. I immediately put the content to use as I printed out some of their milestone charts to share with parents to have a conversation about continuing therapy or dismissing their child.

“This course presents information on developmental milestones for feeding, speech-sound acquisition, pronouns, morphology, mean length utterance, pragmatics, literacy, phonological awareness, concepts, vocabulary, asking and answering questions, and listening. In addition, the course includes a section on red flags in communication development.” Particularly segmented into small age groups from birth-three years, the milestones extend to age 7 in some instances.

Do beware that soon after you complete the assessment and pass the test, the content will no longer be available to you. I actually called Linguisystems about this and they kindly sent me the PDF for future use. This is the kind of resource I want to check frequently and continue to be familiar with as I evaluate kids formally and informally.

I highly recommend this course and thank Linguisystems for providing it for free!