sight words list, playonwordsLast week I had a free giveaway of Thinkfun’s Zingo! Sight Words. I had an enthusiastic response, as this is not only a really fun game that teaches sight words but it fills a much needed gap. Kids have to learn these words to become proficient readers so teachers and parents want anything that will help! I’ve been to several homes recently with a plain list of “core words” to review at home. Sorry, but let’s be a little more creative.

I offered several ways to enter the giveaway, one of which was to answer, “What ways have you found to make learning sight words fun?” I just read the responses and wanted to share some with you:

  • Write sight words on post it notes and place them all over the classroom and play “seek” the word
  • Write sight words on small bouncy balls and play catch with them.
  • Put sight words on small fish shaped disks and go fishing for words.
  • Writing the sight words on the driveway with chalk is fun for the kids.
  • Play bingo with sight words (several people said this)

Another resource, uKloo is a wonderful early reader treasure hunt game that clever teachers or therapists could adapt to the classroom or therapy room. Kids are assisted with pictures as they “read” the clues.

What are some fun ways you, or your child’s teacher helps kids learn sight words?