Up Tall and High by Ethan LongAny parent who has proudly sat through their child’s first attempts at reading a book, can relate to how boring some of the early readers are. It takes a clever wordsmith to weave a fun tale from a short list of controlled words. Author Ethan Long has done just that in his new book, UP! Tall! and High! Perfect for preschoolers in content and captivating for beginning readers, this book features three delightful birds comparing who is tall, high and up. Sharing a little lesson on opposites, the birds try to outdo each other. The 2-4 letter words also are helpful for teaching beginning and ending sounds to little ones in speech therapy. I just started working with 3 year-old Krista who is omitting many of her beginning sounds, like “H” and “T.” What better way to work on initial sounds than with a silly bunch of birds repeating “tall” and “high?”

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