get-real-gear_my-1st-career-gearSome of the most creative homes I visit have an overflowing bin of costumes, swords, masks, necklaces, wings, tiaras, and safari hats. I actually encourage parents to start gathering some props to keep available starting at 12 months, when pretend play begins. Start out with a wash cloth for a blanket, teddy bear and a cup so your toddler can imitate  feeding, sleeping and caring for a pretend friend. By the time a child it 3, pretend play is in full swing as little pirates, fairies, doctors or zookeepers surprise us as they suddenly appear after they have suited up.

Pretend play teaches kids the power of language as they slip into an adult role,  experiment with dialogue and story plots, and negotiate with peers, adding to the story. New PAL Award winner,  The My First Career Gear line by Aeromax is a perfect prop for creative play, with easy on and off to try out a new character and step into their routine. Designed for kids 3-5 years of age, these realistic looking shirts are prefect for creative play and language learning. At $13.99 they are a wonderful addition to a speech therapy room, classroom or home playroom to invite kids to try out being a train conductor, pit crew member, magician, builder, or any of the dozen options.

Here is my full review.

The above is solely the opinion of the author. My First Career Gear outfits were provided for review for the PAL Award.