TV shot 4-13I enjoyed my interview on NBC CT yesterday. It is always fascinating to watch their news hour produced. It’s much like an 8 ring circus if there is such a thing because their anchors are so professional, reading the news or delivering the weather while producers are moving pieces of the set right next to them. We always get a lot of attention as we carry and wheel in our toys for the segment. I have to say that we had a staff person engage us about every one of our PAL Winners. From a woman who had to touch the Alpaca puppet and wanted to know where she could get it for her 16 year-old who loves alpacas, to just about every parent of little kids who claimed they wanted a ride on the “Easy Turn Coupe.” Here is the information of the PAL winners featured today:

On the Farm, Who’s in the Barnyard? by Ravensburger (2 and up,$21.00 )

  • Wonderful set for toddlers part puzzle–pop out the windows and door to play peek-a- boo, pretend play–characters, animals and vehicles to move around and talk, start a story, a first matching game,
  • Excellent instruction guide for parents on how to build vocabulary, ask age-appropriate questions, and encourage free play
  • Full review and where to get it.

Wummelbox (3-8 years, subscriptions, $24.00 and up )

  • Arts and crafts kit packed with learning, themed box arriving at your door each month,  subscription service with 3-4 projects with high quality materials.
  • Nutrition box-decorate an apron, make and stuff vegetables to sell, and turn the box into a cash register, play a game
  • Full review and where to get it

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Clash Alley Strategy Game by Wonder Forge (6 and up, $17.00)

  • Wonderful first strategy game, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are so hot
  • Turtles race through the 3 D warehouse, up and over containers earn and strategically play action cards to defeat villains to complete their mission
  • lots of language of math, add up points, talk about greater than and less than to defeat the villains
  • lots of talk in this game, element of pretend play
  • Full review and where to get it

Folkmanis Puppets: Alpaca, Little Hands Hedgehog (3 and up, $13-44)

  • Folkmanis makes beautiful, realistic puppets so kids can enter their pretend world and take on roles, practice their language skills
  • Alpaca,and Hedgehog-designed for a kids’ hand, place for each finger
  • Facts of Interest which can give a child a starting point for their story, hedgehog rolls up for defensive mode held together with a magnet
  • Full review and where to get it

Easy Turn Coupe by Step2 (1 1/2 and up, $60.00)

  • Great pretend play with a working gas cap, horn, ignition key
  • Push a toddler or take out the floor board and a 4 year old can propel the car himself
  • Full review and where to get it

Western Fort by Playmobil (4 and up, $150)

  • Soldiers keeping guard from their walkways, raised lookout tower with warning bell, working cannon
  • Exquisite attention to detail, roll up their bed rolls and attach to saddle, bugle, munitions box, Native American Indians
  • Pretend play, story changes every time, storytelling helps prepare for reading and writing
  • Full review and where to get it