globe_800I bet someone else is like me out there. I usually am pretty organized, plan and am ahead of the game but not so with our CEU requirements.  Somehow three years have sped by and I am scrambling to get 3o hours of continued education before the end of the year.

I have found the free CEU courses at Linguisystems to be outstanding, not only informative but very practical and useful in my therapy.  Recently I completed one that I would like to recommend:, “Attention Disorders” for 2 CEU’s. The course outline is described on their website as follows:

  • Identify the operational definitions for attention and executive functions.
  • Understand the diagnostic criteria, core symptoms, and subtypes of AD/HD.
  • Identify the EF deficits inherent to AD/HD.
  • Discuss the role of the SLP in treating individuals with AD/HD and associated EF deficits.

With AD/HD considered a “chronic, persistent condition,” and children with AD/HD often having concomitant language delays, it is necessary for us to understand how to best work with kids facing attention issues. I especially enjoyed learning about the relationship between AD/HD and Executive Function.

Let’s share other free CEU courses that we have found to be excellent and applicable to our speech therapy sessions.