9781442427693The book table at Barnes and Noble is filled with Valentine’s Day books. I tend to pass up the series books in favor of those with unique stories but here is one of each:

The Biggest Kiss by Joanna Walsh and Judi Abbot is one of my favorites because of the perky text and charming illustrations. It sets the playful tone from the beginning, “Kisses on noses, kisses on toes-es. Sudden kisses when you least supposes.” (drove my spellcheck crazy but kids love it!) The story goes on to tell who likes kisses with a frog at a kissing booth charging $1 for a smooch, worms kissing underground or fish kissing with a “splish, splosh, splish.” The simple story has quick turns from making comparisons with opposites, having some fun with word play, changing the source of the kisses from animals to raindrops, and kissing to mark the start and end of the day. Use this book to teach opposites, describe the kisses, or talk about how other animals might give a kiss (high, low, big or little).

Pete the Cat Valentine’s Day is Cool by Kimberly and James Dean. Although I like the stories in several of the Pete the Cat books, this one is very simple–about making valentines cards for his class, forgetting some important people, and what to do about that. What adds to the book is it includes a large poster with Pete the Cat wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day (might look nice on your therapy room door) as well as 12 valentine’s Day cards and a page of stickers. Clever speech therapists will find a way to use these extra activities to enhance the story and bring about conversation on what they celebrate and like in each friend.