iphone3Okay, here I am trying out some more ideas and modifying some from Pam Marshalla’s book, “Carryover Techniques in Articulation and Phonological Therapy.” I have several boys from 5-8 years old who are in the last stage of therapy and need a big nudge (some more than others) to use their newly acquired sound out in the real world. I am faithfully giving the kids and parents homework and am constantly saying this will help us finish up speech. I am reminded of a very successful technique for moving a student from proficiency in the therapy setting to carryover at school and home–the parents offered him a dirt bike if he finished up speech! That happened only one time but does illustrate the power of a parental bribe:)

Here are three suggestions from Pam’s chapter, “Games and Activities to Promote Carryover.” I have added the apps and at times prefer to lean more heavily on reinforcing the positive, rather than pointing out the negative. Here’s what I tried out today:

  1. Collages: make a collage of pictures containing your child’s sound(s) or take pictures of objects around the house and outside that contain your child’s sound(s). The app, PicCollage is fun for this activity too.
  1. Chips: give a few plastic poker chips to your child and yourself. Talk about your day or describe something in the room. They earn a chip if they make a correct sound and lose one if they make an incorrect sound. You can earn chips the same way and they will have to listen for your errors too! One mom said, “They never ask about my day!” to which I responded, tell them anyway and have them listen closely to your sounds.
  1. Clicker: Use a counting device (Here is a free app for the iPhone: http://www.pediastaff.com/blog/txtools-is-here-download-our-very-first-and-free-app-for-idevices-8534) You can listen and click when you hear your child’s correct sound and eventually transfer the clicking responsibility to them so they are tuned into their sounds. I give double clicks if they correct themselves without it being pointed out to them, because that makes me especially happy! I will say that competitive little boys LOVED this tallier by Pediastaff and parents loved that the app is free.