Lego Ice mamoth stomperI had some fun sharing my pictures and a few new toys from Toy Fair 2014 in therapy this week. The little boys I work with who love legos added my pictures to their “Speech Boxes” in the SpeechBox app and repeated any phrase, just to get a sneak peak at the new Chima “Ice Mammoth Stomper” or “Flying Phoenix Fire Temple!” Somehow they managed to think of a phrase using their sounds that described the new toys.

Playmobil is celebrating its 40th birthday with some commemorative sets like “Princess Island Compact Set and Romantic Gondola. They gave out free figures of a villainous viking playmobil princess on stegasaurusand a princess carrying her birthday sign. One of my especially creative play partners immediately sat her upon a stegasaurus to give her a stately ride to her castle. He hid her “special birthday surprise” in a cupboard in the castle. I love to see what kids do with a toy!

I guess the point is that it’s just plain fun for my students as well as me to have some new toys to work/play with. One little princess and photographs perked up my sessions all week. Thanks to all the great companies that think like kids and make some amazing products for creative play.