Parents Mag picturesIdeas for speech therapy come to me at the funniest times, including in the middle of the night. Can any of my fellow SLP’s relate? Anyway, I was having a therapy session with one of my students who was working on commenting in conversation and diminishing perseverative questions. We have used picture books, cartoons, apps and walks down the street to work on this goal but it wasn’t until I was sitting down and looked at Parents Magazine on my coffee table that I got an idea.

I opened it up and found some great pictures to invite conversation, some were advertisements and some were associated with kid related articles. A girl was flying a pretend airplane, a little boy was banging on a pan with wooden spoons, sporting a colander on his head, a giant dog was sitting in a girl’s lap, an ice cream truck was replaced with a “Veggie Truck” where the cook was handing out a cone of broccoli (okay that was the craziest one), and a little girl’s hair was blowing in all directions. I think my friend’s best comment was related to the last picture when he said, “That’s a disaster!”

Sometimes the best ideas are right under your nose.