Sophia First Tea TimeI am always trying to make therapy more fun for kids as I discover what they like as far as toys, games or arts and crafts. Some kids will work on speech goals easily if I provide some pretend play activity while others need to draw and create or love to work with a great picture book.

Yesterday I was playing “Sophia the First Magical Tea Time Game” by Wonder Forge with a 5 year-old while working on her sounds. When I arrived she was playing with a little kush ball animal and she asked if he could play the game too! So we got out a plate and teacup for her dog who took the third turn in the game and practiced his sounds (I got double the responses) when it was his turn. At one point she said, “I was doin’ the sounds for the doggie because he’s pretend.”

Once again, therapy activities were shaped by the student:)