imgres-8Happy Easter and Passover to all! The rain has cancelled our Easter egg hunt but that means we have had a morning reading books from Chima and Lego Movie early readers to Jan Brett’s lovely “The Easter Egg.” Little Hoppi is finally old enough to enter into the egg decorating contest along with the other bunnies. The bunny who decorates the winning egg gets to help Easter Rabbit hide the eggs on Easter morning. Brett’s beautifully intricate illustrations capture the details of the delicately decorated eggs created by the artist bunnies who decorate with wildflowers, carvings, chocolate, dyes, paints and robot parts. On his hunt to decide how to decorate, Hoppi comes upon a robin’s egg that has fallen from her nest. Putting off his decorating task to protect and care for the egg, Hoppi is rewarded in the end by the Easter Bunny. Lots of life lessons here to talk about! Happy holidays to you all.