imgres-6It’s not often that a picture book is co-written by an author and child but in “Armond Goes to a Party, A Book About Asperger’s and Friendship,” Armond weighs in on what it feels like to be asked to a birthday party and attend, even if it is a good buddy like Felicia. Armond has Asperger’s Syndrome and what is fun for his typical peers can be daunting for him, since “…parties are disorganized,” might have surprise smells, noises like the pop of a balloon, or require you to socialize which is hard. This new book clearly looks at anticipating a birthday party from the perspective of a child with Asperger’s and is a wonderful tool to use as a social story for friends like him as well as his typical peers to see things from Armond’s view. How can he go to the party? It’s not in his normal Saturday routine? What if something stinks? What if I have to think of something to say to the kids? What if a balloon pops? What if no one wants to talk about dinosaurs, my favorite topic? The party was all that and more, so Armond asked Felicia’s mom for a break. She knew just what he needed, a quiet room with favorite toys and books. When he rejoined the party, he gave Felicia her gift and helped organize her gifts. He admitted to Mom that the party was hard but he was proud of himself for going.

Reading the story, I’m proud of Armond too. AND thankful that he told his story to the author so other parents and kids who like “Armonds” and want to invite them for playdates or parties can have a little homework assignment of reading a book like this to to learn how to be a better friend.