Ben jumping in sandThis is the last week of school for public schools and there is freedom in the air! I remember the feeling when I worked in the public schools as we wound down, took down the bulletin boards and said goodbye for the summer. There is a natural break for many of the students although some qualify for summer school services.

In private practice we keep chugging along. I personally have started to take several weeks off because I think it is healthy for me as well as my students. Over the years, I find that kids are participating in more structured activities in the summer and it is even harder to schedule therapy in the summer than during the school year! I was faced with several kids going to camp until 5:00 and then I could schedule their therapy. I can’t imagine engaging little guys after a full sweaty day of camp fun:)

When parents asked me if it was “okay” to take a break, I said, “Yes.” I am going to give them several suggestions for practice related to their goals for articulation, language and word-finding to keep skills sharp over the summer.

So…Happy Summer!